Headshots & Resume

“I look for a softness that may allow the audience in for moment, a flash of vulnerability, or a surprising connection to the body at play. I hope for something authentic to be revealed. I am waiting to feel them listening.”

– Christopher Bayes

On acting…

I gravitated toward acting because I experienced life, from an early age and trauma, as being emotionally difficult, confusing, and filled with nostalgia and meaning. Being human has always felt tumultuous, both in the joy and in the struggle, and early on I found a home in plays and the troubled worlds and crises in which characters find themselves. I was incredibly shy and am a thin-skinned introvert, yet I have a quick fuse and loud emotions underneath. I’m a recovering people pleaser yet have always felt compelled to carve my own non-traditional path. I’m a bit chaotic inside yet crave stability and peace. The stage gave me a place where it felt safe to feel and be all these things – by crawling inside and inhabiting these humans that struggle so much in the world and in relationships, by accessing my own vulnerability through a character and connecting to others via the audience. From this base, I have spent my life developing the craft. In doing this, movement systems and the Alexander Technique were pedagogies that gave me a more embodied expressive
instrument and the tools to be a more centered and connected actor. Ultimately, for me all of it comes down to loving an art form that is about empathy and deeply exploring the human heart and what makes it tick, thus creating meaning out of the mess

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