Servant of Two Masters

I directed this Carlo Goldoni Commedia dell’arte classic, translation by Constance Congdon, in spring 2020 at the University of Alabama, which was an opportunity to mine this genre for its modern relevance: the strong and sometimes ridiculous universal pursuit of love, pleasure, and belonging. Please scroll through the gallery for images of the performance.


What. A. Joy. Yesterday I said goodbye to a new favorite show and a new favorite role and what a gift this process has been. I don’t think I had any idea how special this show would be to me when I started, but Kelley, the commedia, this group, and this role invited me each and every day to play and fail and then celebrate my failures. what a lucky gal I am to have gone into a space every night where I felt so far out of my comfort zone, yet so at home. The commedia invites us to make mistakes, delight in the silliness of life, take chances, and be present in this moment right now—things I think we all tend to shy away from. for those of you that were ever in the audience, you have no idea the happiness it brought us to share this story with you. thank you all for bringing your open hearts to the theatre and giving us the gift of laughter. thank you to this cast and crew for being an absolute dream—so fortunate to do this alongside some of the sweetest, most talented friends. Thank you to Kelley Schoger for giving me this opportunity and being the most encouraging, visionary, supportive, loving, kind, joyful, and willing director I could’ve ever asked for. this show and everything it taught me has shaped me into an actress that I’m so excited to explore. I will never not be grateful for getting to do what I do. Thank you, Beatrice, for teaching me that I am so much more fearless than I think. Venice, Italy.

Caitlin Hicks

MFA Acting

This afternoon, I closed my final show at The University of Alabama. The Servant of Two Masters has been one of the most wonderful, fulfilling experiences I have ever had as a performer. To Kelley Schoger, words cannot describe how deeply I love and respect you. You and this show have changed my life. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. Thank you for always believing in me and encouraging me in times where I did not value myself. I’m so glad I finally got to work with you and learn from you. UA is so lucky to have you.

Matt Kelley

BFA Acting


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